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Center For Political Visionaries

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We exist to provide strategic consulting for governments, businesses and organizations to take their ideas and solutions from concept to successful reality.


The Ideas and Solutions Group works with candidates and political leaders that share our values for bringing Economic Dignity to their population. Our areas of focus are:

  • Political Strategy

  • Political Governance

  • Campaign Strategy

  • Political Candidate Development 

  •  Political Crisis Management

Political Strategy – We define strategy as a series of sequential synchronized steps that take you from your current reality to your desired future. In politics, those steps must be aligned to create the political future you desire and your economic dignity vision demands. At ISG we have expertise in creating strategic plans for nations. Our founder is the author of the best-selling book “Leading Nations into Economic Dignity” that documents a template on how to create a national vision and a strategic plan to fulfill it.

Political Governance - This is the strategic and logistical organization of human, material, financial and external relations to achieve desired national outcomes. At ISG we specialize in providing strategic counsel in the arena of political governance.

Campaign Strategy – Without successful campaigning, great political visions are not turned into reality. We are experts in developing campaign strategy and talent to achieve political goals

Political Candidate Development – The quality of a campaign and political governance will never exceed the competence and leadership of the candidate. At ISG we have a proven system to develop political candidates. Our founder is the author of the best-selling book “The Political Visionary” which documents the process for the development of political leadership talent.

Political Crisis Management – A crisis is inevitable in the journey of political leadership, At ISG we are skilled in providing strategic solutions to complex political issues.

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