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H. E. Ambassador Dr. Andre Thomas 

H. E. Ambassador Dr. Andre Thomas is the pioneer of the 12 Spheres of Leadership Movement that focuses on raising the 12 Types of Leaders that shape the destinies of nations. He is a UN Peace Ambassador, and in this role, he functions as the Director-General for Global Finance and Projects for a UN NGO that is part of ECOSOC.                                                                                                          

He also functions as a UN Peace Ambassador attached to the UN Vienna office for a UN NGO specializing in transportation. He is a leading strategy, organizational, and development consultant and expert. His books on the subject include The 12 Kinds of Leaders that Shape the Destiny of Nations, The Leadership Axehead Principle, The Organizational Visionary, and Leading Nations into Economic Dignity.


He is the Head of the Caribbean Region for Upturn Funds, a venture capital fund and an advisory company that focuses on driving initiatives to reach those traditionally underserved, providing them with access to resources that can help improve their economic livelihoods businesses, and communities. The Fund is committed to generating wealth for all its investors through socially responsible ventures that benefit both the investor and the community. He is the co-founder of the Pleion Group Inc. – a group of companies that transfer wealth to communities through construction, infrastructure development, and financing. He is also the co-founder of Pleion Foundation, which creates initiatives that provide affordable housing for marginalized communities, leadership empowerment for young people, women, and wholeness for communities.


He is the Head and Senior Inspector of the Eastern Caribbean office of the Organization of Human Rights Defense which is an organization with the purpose to investigate Human Rights abuse and misuse, creating Projects and Plans of Action to help resolve any such abuses around the world. This organization is an affiliate partner of N.A.T.O. Command, United Nations, Interpol, and ECOSOC.


He is the founder of the following companies:

  • The Greatness Channel - a 24-7 empowerment global television station

  • Fresh Anointing and Wisdom Network - a global conglomerate and  network of the 12 types of leaders that shape the destiny of nations

  • Greatness Publishing - an international publishing company

  • The Ideas and Solutions Group, a multifaceted organization that mines the leadership gold in people globally


He is also the founder of the Caribbean Israel Group, which includes the Caribbean Israel Leadership Coalition - a network of Caribbean and Israeli Governmental and Business Leaders advancing Israel’s strategic interest and building sustainable economic development in the Caribbean, Caribbean Israel Venture Services Inc - a company that mines and develops the resources in the people, lands, and seas of sovereign nations for their economic dignity and Caribbean Israel Finance, a company that provides brokers financing for developmental projects.


He is an Advisory Board Member of the Abrahamic Business Circle which is an exclusive private members’ network focused on promoting global economic development through diplomacy. The organization is based in Dubai and works with governments and businesses in the Middle East and around the world to boost global trade and investment. Its members are comprised of private investors, entrepreneurs,

UHNWI, royal families, corporates, and diplomats. 



Dr. Andre Thomas is a prolific author of 28 books that cover leadership, spiritual development, and the transformation of nations. He is married to his soulmate Ambassador Dr. Nina Thomas, a UN Peace Ambassador, and has two daughters.

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