Our Organizational Design

To ignite leaders and political visionaries who will bring economic dignity and greatness to nations.

Our Philosophy
1. The problems of a generation will never be greater than the ideas and solutions within people born into that generation.
2. These ideas and solutions are within people in the form of an uncommon vision.
3. Except the wisdom in the visionary matches the  uncommon vision the vision will become an object of frustration.
4. Our mission is to take the products of wisdom and strategy to national leaders and political visionaries so that they will bring economic dignity and greatness to nations.

Our Culture

  • Strategy: We begin every organizational task with the end in mind.

  • Talent: We intentionally search for and recruit great talent to our cause and team.

  • Commonwealth: We share the rewards of the success of the business with all of our team members.

  • Service: We serve our products to the world with excellence.

  • Creativity and Innovation: We are constantly creating new relevant products and services for our customer base.

  • Modeling: We model what we teach.

  • Strategic Partnership: We multiply our influence by building strategic partnerships with people of influence who share our vision and values.


H.E Ambassador Dr. Andre Thomas

Founder & CEO

Shaka Jones

Executive Assistant

Nina Thomas

Executive Manager

Jennifer highland

Political Public Relations Consultant