Ambassador Thomas is a UN Peace Ambassador, Leadership Coach, Strategy Consultant, Bishop, and Prolific Author of 26 books. He is the founder and President of the Ideas and Solutions Group a not-for-profit company that mines the leadership gold in people. He also serves as the President of the Caribbean Israel Leadership Coalition, an NGO organization with a mission to bring sustainable development to the Caribbean through Israeli technology and expertise. He is the Founder and CEO of Caribbean Israel Venture Services Inc., an organisation with a purpose of mining, and developing the resources in the people, lands and seas of sovereign nations. He is the founder and CEO of Caribbean Israel Finance, an organization that brings financing to the development projects in nations.

Dr.Thomas is also an Advisory Board Member of the Abrahamic Business Circle, a global network of contacts that raise capital, buy and sell companies, locate potential investments, conduct joint-ventures, connects distributors and new clients. He is the Founder and Bishop of Fresh Anointing and Wisdom Network which is a community of churches, ministries and organizations that unlock the greatness in people.